19th April - 05th May 2024 This is Personal
Master Graduation Show, Bergen (NO) 

June 2024 Saksumdal Tempel
group show curated by HULMUR
Lillehammer (NO)

July 2024 Forhallen
SOLO show, Stavanger (NO)

March 2024 Salgshallen
group show curated by HULMUR
Oslo (NO)

March 2024 Galleri Taxi
SOLO Show, Bergen (NO)

2022-2024 Masters Fine Art Academy Bergen
co-curator and editor MOLT 
Founder and Designer ISA.COLLECTION

Madelen Isa Lindgren (b. Fredrikstad, Norway) works with sculpture and storytelling. Focusing on metal and glass she rediscovers and transforms their symbolic properties by combining ancient and modern techniques. She is interested in the ephemeral sequences within the process and how the material undergoes a metamorphosis, changing their physical appearance through texture and shape. The historical records of metal and glass connect her work with ritual and defence, using the material to serve as shields, vessels, and structural elements. Even if the material purposes have inhabited new roles in society, they still remain as arcane agents. Lindgren's  work utilizes these agents as sculptural imitations to re-examine relations with tradition, beliefs and the passage of time by intertwining them with contemporary narratives.

Currently residence between Berlin and Bergen.